Coffee Sugar Scrub

If you know me, you know I love coffee! The taste, the smell, the everything! I have tried and loved coffee scrubs in the past, but find they can sometimes be pricey. My sister makes tons of her own beauty products – she inspired me to give this a whirl! And I was shocked and thrilled to find it SO simple!

Just a few ingredients and you have a body or facial scrub that will wake you up and leave your skin feeling smooth and nourished!

You can use fresh ground coffee OR even the leftover grounds from your morning cup! Allow the used grounds to dry out completely before using. I left mine on paper towel on the counter for 48 hours. *Note: the coffee smell is much stronger with fresh grounds!

1/2 cup ground coffee

1/2 cup coarse cane sugar

4-6 tbs oil of your choice. (I used 1/2 Olive and 1/2 Jojoba)

10-12 drop essential oil of your choice (I used Lavender*)

  • Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Store in an air tight container.
  • Use on damp skin 1-2 times per week.

*Lavender Oil is an antibacterial. I have acne prone skin so love to use this oil for that reason!

From my home to yours,


Hair Tips


We all want shiny, healthy hair with tons of volume! At times this can feel easier said than done. Sharing 8 tips from shower to styling – no frizz, tons of volume, with the health of you hair in mind. These can benefit you no matter what your hair type – Fine, thick, straight, or curly! If you follow me on Instagram, check out my new video on IGTV!

#1 minimal hair washing

Rule of thumb: the more you wash your hair, the more you have to. Your scalp and hair do need some oil, that’s what keeps it moisturizer and healthy. If you remove the oil too often, your body will try to compensate and will end up producing extra. Going through a detox time can be tough, but trying to go stretches without washing will result in less oil over time. If you normally wash everyday, try and stretch it two! Within a couple weeks you’ll be shocked at how less oily your hair is. NOTE: this is a very general idea. sometimes genetics, health, medications etc can play a role and so this may not be applicable.

#2 comb hair in shower

when your hair is wet it is more vulnerable to breakage, it’s in a weaker state. I comb my hair in the shower after I apply conditioner, before I rinse. This allows you to get the tangles out a lot easier and it’s gentler on your hair. After you have combed, rinse the conditioner – you won’t need to brush when you get out!

#3 cold rinse

The warm water will raise the outer layer of your hair, the cortex. Giving your hair a cold rinse will cause the cortex to lay flat, resulting in less frizz, softer and stronger hair!

#5 t-shirt – no towel!

Once you get out of the shower try wrapping your hair in a T-shirt, rather then a towel. It absorbs the water but the fabric will cause your hair to frizz less and won’t tug – especially important if you’re prone to breakage.

#6 air dry

Some mornings are just busy and we are in a rush to get done and out the door! But as often as possible, I try to allow my hair to air dry 75%+ Before taking the hairdryer to it. It takes less time to blow dry AND less heat is better for the health of your hair. Win win!!

#7 head upside down

When I blow dry my hair I always tip my head upside down and blow dry brushing with my fingers to start. Once it is 95%+ dry I use a large paddle brush and continue to brush my hair upside down. Your hair being brushed and dried in the opposite direction it naturally falls will create a ton of volume! This is why stylist, at the salon, pull your hair up as they blow dry and why they can get so much volume!

#8 ends only

Once you take your hot tools out (flat iron, curling iron, wand etc.) only use it from the middle to the ends of your hair. Your hair near scalp doesn’t often need the taming and using the heat can flatten all the beautiful volume from your blow dry.


teasing & hairspray:

for lasting volume, teasing and hairspray goes a long way! I teasing at root tons, hair spraying each layer as I go. Tame half way, give it 5-10 minutes to deflate naturally and then finish smoothing if necessary.

dry shampoo:

dry shampoo is a great quick morning trick. Also great if you are trying to detox and stretch your hair washing days. But most of all it gives lift and texture to the root of you hair – great for extra volume, super helpful if you have fine hair!! I make my own, you can find my homemade dry shampoo recipe a couple posts back!

deep side parts:

I love deep side parts. Creates tons of volume in fine, medium and thick hair! It also automatically gives you a bit of pizzazz & looks very put together with minimal effort – great on a morning when you are short on time!

From my home to yours,


My Top 5 – Beauty


Sharing the Top 5 beauty items I couldn’t live without!!

When it comes to beauty I am fairly simple & definitely no expert! Sure there are shampoos, oils, soaps & cleaners I also use on the daily! But these are tried, true & items at the top of their category, as far as I am concerned! *Note: sharing these brands because I truly love them! Not an ad.

1) Big Sexy Hair – Spray & Play Hairspray

Over the years I worked in the hair industry, I tried a ton of hairsprays & I have done countless brides & bridal parties who need serious hold! Out of all the bottles I sprayed Big Sexy Hair is my all time favourite!! Tons of hold & your hair still moves, no crunchy/hard hair here!!

2) Natural Deodorant – Piper Wai 

I went on the hunt several years ago for natural deodorant. I struggled between the ones that did nothing And the ones that left me with rashes! Neither are very great options. Piper Wai eliminates both problems! It retails for approx $14, but the jar lasts me nearly 6 months! 

3) Natural Mascara – Pure Anada 

About a year ago I tried to clean up my makeup and go a more natural route. I found Pure Anada and have been sold ever since. I love their product quality and find they have great color options. Natural mascaras are tough – They can leave you raccoon eyed by noon! But a I really find this mascara to be top of its class – no flakes, no running, no black eyes!!


I have recently been adding a couple drops of DoTerra Lavender essential oil to my tube. Keeps the bacteria down, leaving no clumps! For sure extends the life of a tube!

4) Jade Roller – by Province Apothecary

I posted a few weeks about about starting to use a Jade Roller & so many of you responded you were obsessed with the feeling, even if it was doing nothing!! And I kinda agree! My roller is by Province Apothecary, a Canadian Company based in Toronto, which I love! I got it as a gift for Christmas & have used it daily since – I really am obsessed with it! I have read about it helping to diminishing fine lines & the lymphatic drainage. The benefits seem amazing! What I can tell you I noticed right off the bat:

  1. the puffiness under my eyes is diminished
  2. my skin feels like it is absorbing the oil I use to moisturize
  3. it wakes me up! I keep mine in the fridge & after rolling for a few minutes I can actually feel the blood flow stimulated in my face.

Honor able mentions:

My moisturizers – Jojo Oil, Rosehip Oil & Lavender Oil. Amazing for moisture, anti aging & anti bacterial. I made a roller ball with my Jojo & Lanvendar for easy application. My Rosehip oil comes with a dropper, just a couple drops on my finger tips does the whole face!

5) My Scrunchie

This scrunchie is old & worn, but it’s my best friend! I can’t sleep with my hair on my neck of touching my face, no exaggeration! Elastics can pull your hair quite tight & leave you with breakage, so a scrunchie is a perfect solution. It’s soft on your hair, no pulling. & Bonus! It leave zero creases! So you can pull it out & wear your styled hair another day. Which for me is basically a lifesaver 99% of the time!!

Bonus Entry:

homemade dry shampoo (see recipe in previous post) literally saves more mornings in my week then I could count!!!


Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo

Dry shampoo may be my favorite beauty product!! I am pretty well known for Not washing my hair – cause who has time for that! But in all seriousness, the less you wash your hair the less you’ll eventually need to! your scalp and hair need some natural oils – the more you take them away, the more your body will produce! I have tried all sorts of dry shampoos but I just don’t like them! I hate that over product feeling in my hair and I really try to take the natural & inexpensive route as often as I can. Only 2 ingredients and with products you most likely have in your pantry! So this recipe is a Win Win Win!

Dry Shampoo

  • 1/2 cup arrowroot powder or corn starch
  • 1 tsp cocoa or cinnamon (or a bit of each, my personal favourite!)

I store in a jar with a lid. My preference is to use my hands to rub it straight onto my scalp. Using my fingertips (like you would rub shampoo on wet hair) until all powder is absorbed. But other options:

  1. using a large makeup brush to dab on roots
  2. an empty spice container, sprinkle at roots & rub onto scalp

From my home to yours,