hi! It is nice to meet you

My name is Kristin, that handsome man beside me is my husband of 11 years. We met him when I was 18 & I have been smitten ever since!

I am a stay at home, homeschool mama to our 4 beautiful kids.


I love food! cooking is Fun but I LOVE to bake! I have one major sweet tooth! I live in leggings, my favorite color is pink & my all time favorite show is Gilmore Girls. I like antique china tea cups & refurbished furniture. I drive a mini van & shop in bulk at Costco. I love running & hiking, road trips & travel. I was a hairstylist until my third was born when I made the shift to full time homeschool stay at home Mama.

Staying active & eating well is important to me, but it hasn’t always been.
I believe in eating your veggies, but also the cookie – fueling, not depriving – running the miles, but also resting. the road to balance & moderation has been a process. that is why I love sharing my food, fitness and life journey with you!

I have no formal education in nutrition or fitness. I know that every individual has different journey, opinion & struggle. this comes from my personal walk & my ❤ – this is my journey

it’s been 2.5 years since my last baby was born – I am nearly 2 years into my 30’s
for approximately 8.5 years – the majority of my 20’s – I was pregnant or dieting to “lose baby weight”…prior to that I didnt really exercise & I had no knowledge of eating well, nor did I care! I was all or nothing – one extreme or another. .

somewhere in the past couple years (& because of a few moments that I can share another time) health became the priority. size & weight became less important (but honestly, I still struggle to keep a strong mind about).

I’ve learned to love different forms of exercise because it makes me strong physically & mentally. I enjoy eating well – based on NO rules OR labels – by viewing food differently & paying attention to nutrition & how my gut feels. BUT I have also learned that everything needs to be done in moderation – including moderation

the truth is – I am bad at resting. I struggle with balance. moderation doesn’t come naturally.
3 things I believe in – 3 things that have & continue to be a struggle & are my journey – but these 3 things are what have helped me become the healthiest me of my life.
I share on this blog because I love to bake. I share because I love to try or create new, healthy(er & ish) recipes. I share because I am a Mom and am living and learning in this role. I share because I love to be active and want to be stronger then I was yeterday. I share because I need accountability, support & Love to learn from others. I share because I know I am not the only one 💜


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